Rehabilitation Centres in South Africa

Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse
Many individuals are able to take their prescribed medication or enjoy recreational gambling and the social alcoholic beverage without developing an addiction. Quite a lot of other individuals may find themselves becoming more and more dependent on the drugs or alcohol until substance abuse and addiction result.

Substance abuse rehab centres strive to help addicts who would like to overcome their addiction and live a more meaningful and fulfilling existence. Reclaiming their relationships, career and lust for life are all goals that can be achieved with the help of a reputable rehab treatment centre.

If you suspect that you or a loved one has developed an addiction then we encourage you to seek help urgently. The longer an addiction is left untreated, the more damage it can cause to your body, emotional wellbeing and your life as a whole.

Everyone should be able to recognize the signs and symptoms of substance abuse and addiction. We will look at a few common signs and symptoms that act as indicators below:

Neglect responsibilities
One of the major warning signs of a developing addiction is the gradual neglect of all responsibilities. This is due to the fact that the addiction will begin to dominate your life and it will be the only priority.

Disregard for safety and other people
When you start indulging in your addiction when it is dangerous to do so then you need to seek help from a reputable drug or alcohol rehab centre ASAP. For example, drinking alcohol while operating dangerous machinery at work or when you are supposed to be caring for your infant poses a major safety risk for you and those around you.

Getting into trouble with the law
This is another warning sign that most drug rehab centres advise that you look out for. If you are getting arrested for driving under the influence or possession of illegal drugs or if you have resorted to stealing from others in order to support your addiction then you should definitely seek help from professionals right away.

Relationships begin to take strain
All relationships will eventually begin to break down when an addiction is left untreated. Gauteng rehab centres place a large value on the importance of rebuilding these relationships while on the road to recovery.

You need more of a fix to experience satisfaction
A sure sign of substance abuse and addiction is building up a tolerance. If you find that you need more of a fix more often then you need to realize that it will only get worse until all you ever do is use or think about using.